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There Never Were Antibiotics in your Damn Milk!

Maybe the title is a little aggressive. I tried finding a way to get the point across kindly. But, it sure “grinds my gears” when marketing campaigns use hippy language to convince the general public that they have found a NEW idea (that has been a regulation for quite some time). Antibiotic Free! Like theContinue Reading “There Never Were Antibiotics in your Damn Milk!”


Warning: Content Contains GMOs

One of the most debated topics is the safety of GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are not the death sentence portrayed by some outlets. Before this goes too far, and people stop reading in fear of being offended, let me tell you what this article is not…   First, this article is not about belittling organic farmers. Organic farms takeContinue Reading “Warning: Content Contains GMOs”

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Drought’s Hidden Killing Power

Rain makes corn. Corn makes whiskey. Whiskey sounds pretty good when it’s only rained .7 inches in 3 months. The drought that has affected millions across the U.S. has cost farmers and ranchers more than what is on the surface. It’s obvious to a trained eye to see a field that has been affected byContinue Reading “Drought’s Hidden Killing Power”

Faith Wishek/ North Dakota

What Are you Looking at?

Small town fairs bring out the good in people. Between the volunteers, the unhealthy food, and the games the kids can play while the adults ‘’catch up’’, not many things bring people together like it! Except; Jesus. I’ve been reading a book called Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke (highly recommend) and he challenges thisContinue Reading “What Are you Looking at?”

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The Ag Kid that was never a Farm Kid

I grow up in a town in Minnesota. Located just an hour north of the Twin Cities, finding groceries was never a difficult task. But, unlike many of my peers, I was more interested in how those shelves were filled than what was on them. Agriculture sparked my interest when I was about 5 years old; whenContinue Reading “The Ag Kid that was never a Farm Kid”

My Life

Depression is Hard enough; Judgment isn’t needed.

**I’m not a medical professional, just someone who has had their own struggles with depression. None of what I say in here should be taken as professional advice. If you or someone you love is thinking about suicide, please contact the suicide hotline (listed on the bottom).** Suicide. The word itself just looks ugly. Mental IllnessContinue Reading “Depression is Hard enough; Judgment isn’t needed.”