Adulting: 5 Things No one Told You About

Adulting #adulting

A lot of my posts are geared towards serious topics. Sometimes though, you gotta have a little fun :). To celebrate Autumn I wanted to share a light-hearted, Buzzfeed-like list! So without further ado here are my 5 Things no one told you about Adulting!

1. Buy Decorations that are Seasonal

I posted on my personal Instagram that I’ve never felt more like an adult than when I purchased my fall decorations. It gives you something to look forward to the next season! Dollar stores even have some decent seasonal decor. Wherever you get it, seasonal decorations bring a certain adultness to any home.

pumkin rolling autumn fall decorating disney

2. Own up to the Screw-Up

Twenty-somethings are basically the toddlers of the adulting world. Not a lot of people actually thinks you can do stuff, or at least anything meaningful. So when you screw up, own up to it! Take that time to evaluate the mistake, fix it, and stay on course. Also, when the next person screws up, you can be the voice of reassurance they may need to prevail.

Sorry, screwing up

3. Pay your Bills when you get them

You get a bill in the mail, you see the date that it is due, and you throw it on top of some other papers. You end up with 5+ bills all with different due dates that you have to remember. Stop that! Unless you need to be overwhelmed in your life, you don’t need more things to remember. *Warning* This will not take the shock away from paying bills, sorry.

4. You have to bring stuff to Potlucks

I was lucky enough that my mom would just make two dishes and bring both if I happen to show up to an event. She did that while I was in college so I didn’t have to worry about it. What a damn MVP! Now when my husband and I are about to socialize with other adults, we go frantic at the last minute because we forgot we are part of the “Adult” category. Look up recipes! Yeah, it’s cool a couple times to bring a bag of chips or whatever, but you will be known as that guy.

5. Bedtimes are Good Things

Besides my buying seasonal items, learning to have a bedtime was my latest “ahh, you’re an adult now” moment. It’s an achievement unlocked when you realize that staying up till 2 a.m. is dumb. You got a late night show you like? Cool. DVR it and get yourself some good quality sleep. Because a good bedtime leads to better morning. You can wake up a little earlier, eat some freaking breakfast, and prepare yourself for the day.

What are some things you’ve learned about adulting that no one really ever told you? Leave them down in the comments below. This was a little out of my norm but I enjoyed it! Maybe I should do more 🙂

As always, Be Kind.

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