Drought’s Hidden Killing Power

Rain makes corn. Corn makes whiskey. Whiskey sounds pretty good when it’s only rained .7 inches in 3 months. The drought that has affected millions across the U.S. has cost farmers and ranchers more than what is on the surface. It’s obvious to a trained eye to see a field that has been affected by the lack of rain. Corners of leaves are turned up, growth has been stunted, and instead of looking a healthy green, the plant has a tint of yellow and looks fragile. Farmers in the Dakota’s…

There Never Were Antibiotics in your Damn Milk!

Maybe the title is a little aggressive. I tried finding a way to get the point across kindly. But, it sure “grinds my gears” when marketing campaigns use hippy language to convince the general public that they have found a NEW idea (that has been a regulation for quite some time). Antibiotic Free! Like the idea of not allowing humans to consume antibiotics given to animals, through their meat or other products, wasn’t something people already thought of.