The Sorority That Built Me: ΣA

Struggles in college are nothing new, and sometimes you have to cope on your own. Ever so often, you come across a couple of people who understand you. Sigma Alpha is where I found hope. It is where I found strength during a truly difficult time in college.

I’m not what you would call a typical sorority girl. I don’t shop at Forever 21, I don’t match people on purpose, and I certainly have too much of a sailors mouth to always be considered a lady. But ΣA didn’t ask me to be any of that.

My Sigma Story


Sigma Alpha found me at a very dark place in my personal life. I was suffering from depression that stemmed back 10+ years. I didn’t have “friends”. I worked a lot to hide from having to deal with my problems. I was more broken than I wanted to admit.

Sitting in AGEC 244, Intro to Ag. Marketing, I met Lorianne. It was an introductory class that was part of my major. I was already 3/4 the way through completing my degree, so the class came easily to me. Not so much for Lorianne. This southern bell wasn’t quiet about not understanding something! We became friends after I stopped laughing and diluted the professor’s instructions. She nominated me to be sent a personal email inviting me to rush for Sigma Alpha, and the rest is history.

I can’t give justice to the atmosphere of Sigma Alpha. It’s like walking into a new church, everyone is smiling and happy to see you. You feel welcomed. You feel wanted by strangers, in the best way possible.

The Sisters

Some of those welcoming strangers became my closest friends. Bitsy Rongen carried me through when my father passed away. Yssi Cronquist has brought so much joy to my life, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. Amber Willis taught me to never take life too seriously; sometimes you need to add more alcohol. And Miss Lorianne Nadaskay showed me that finer things in life consist of having a pickle for your beer.

Every one of the 43 sisters I met when I was active made an impact in my life. Some made me want more in life, some made me have more patience for people. Some taught me my values should never be underestimated. I found more happiness in the 14 months I was an active Sigma Alpha member than I ever did before. None of that would have been possible if it were not for Every. Single. Sister.


Our History

Sigma AlphaStarted in 1978, Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority set out to be different. Ohio State is where it all started and it has spread to 63 campuses across the United States. First in its class, Sigma Alpha is the only sorority focused on agriculture.  A common misconception, but you don’t have to be a farm kid to join ΣA.  A passion for agriculture and a want to grow professionally are the only requirements, besides academics, looked at in requirement.

Besides my husband, Sigma Alpha was the best decision I ever made.

As always, be kind.

——————————————More———————————————–  <- This is the National Sigma Alpha Sorority site. If you want to find out more about this amazing sisterhood consider looking for a university near you. <- This is my chapters website. On the front page, I am the lovely lady in the middle without a black blazer on. (I offered to loan mine to someone else since they forgot theirs.) <- This is our chapters Facebook page. Here you will find links to blog posts and updates on the active chapter!

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